First blog post

After nine years of traveling and blogging on Travelpod, I have switched to blogging on WordPress.  As usual, I will focus on sharing pictures and stories coming from the perspective of a guy born and raised on the prairie of Southeastern Colorado and living nearly 30 years in Texas.  Please be patient as I learn how to use the widgets and gadgets on this site.  The photo gallery on the right represents a few photos from the past nine years.  I look forward to whatever the future brings and sharing my perspectives of it with you.

I recently returned home after spending six months in east Africa…what a unique experience.  In many ways, it reminded me of the year and a half Ronda and I spent in Panama back in the 70s.  There were clearly no similarities in the terrain, east Africa has minimal water and as a result, minimal vegetation while Panama was exactly the opposite – a rain forest.  What made these two areas similar was the struggle…the human struggle.  Living in different regions of the world, I have witnessed the power and resilience of the human spirit under dire conditions that challenge even the lowest stage of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs…food, water, clothing, shelter. I’m hoping as I begin this new blog format, to focus less on my wants (things I often thought were needs), and focus more on personal responsibilities.

My next entry should be from Germany.  Talk to you soon.

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