“Robbed” in the nick of time…

Occasionally,  I travel on three or six month work assignments.  It doesn’t matter how long the assignment because at some point I will hit the wall.  That time when home and things familiar become upmost in my thinking and the time/space continuum slows to a standstill.  It takes a while to work through it, but eventually the wall is conquered and the assigned time is completed.  I have great confidence in this.

Usually however, there is some kind of catalyst that helps to propel me over the wall, or around it, or under it or through it, or whatever it takes.  This catalyst can be a simple phone call with Ronda, a day trip to an interesting location, a weekend Hallmark movie marathon (this one I do not recommend.  It turned me into a wet, soggy noodle in Africa).  Then, very rarely, a visit from someone from back home is just what is needed to turn one into a Joshua at the battle of Jericho, and that old wall comes tumbling down.

This weekend I was blessed to enjoy a visit from my good friend, Rob McMasters and his wife, Kris and their traveling friends Kevin and Kathy.  What a sight for sore eyes.  Rob was kind enough to spend a few hours with me as we wandered through the city of Trier and then made our way to Luxembourg where Rob was able to visit the burial site of General George Patton.  Rob is one of those guys with an infectious smile, mischievous grin and a warm heart.  He is an old high school friend and I’ve had the opportunity to visit with Kris and him several times since those early days.  To see them again was enough for me to “break on through to the other side.”  I can’t thank you enough guys.

Driving down to Trier, the colors of Autumn were fabulous.  The morning fog was hanging low, but daily patterns have revealed that the fog lifts quickly and the sun emerges to warm the day.  This was the case in Trier.  Visiting with a series of people, I was able to determine where Rob and company were to dock.  I arrived in time to take a few pics of the Moselle River with lingering fog and with the fog lifted.

Prior to my visit with Rob and company, a colleague and I had the opportunity to visit the  city of Rüdesheim, another famous wine center along the Rhein River.  Autumn had definitely left its mark in the vineyards and surrounding areas.  The river and the city were alive with activity.  Around every turn, people could be found bicycle riding, fishing, making music or just relaxing in the town center.  Weddings were taking place, boaters were moving up and down the river, and hikers could be found everywhere.  It was as if the people knew that there pleasant, Autumn days were numbered and now was the time to enjoy it.  It was very unusual for me to walk through a town center and find couples sipping wine and talking about a variety of topics, kids playing games and others napping in reclining benches.  There was such a strong sense of community.  It was fun to just sit and take it all in.

The next time you find yourself facing that unmovable wall, I hope you consider an Autumn trip to German wine country along the Moselle and Rhein Rivers.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.  If the trip alone does not get you over the wall then I hope you have a good friend like Rob who can help you over.  Take care everybody.  Take your time and enjoy the pics.

Until next time…

4 thoughts on ““Robbed” in the nick of time…

  1. Jeff. I just love your photography and your stories. Such beautiful pictures and how fortunate to have friends visit you in your travels.


  2. Oh my God that smile. He came through Las Animas and I didn’t get to touch base with him. My loss. He was going to NM for Tommy Sena’s ashes ceremony.


  3. Hey, Daddy!

    Awesome pics, as always. I’m trying to push my way over an illness wall right about now, so your blog was a big help. Can’t wait to see you for the holidays!

    Love you!


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