Home for the Holidays can be a Zoo

As many of you know, my work can take me away for extended periods of time which translated means I have missed quite a few holidays and special occasions over the years.  This year is different.  It’s great to spend time at home with family and friends.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday all of the kids gathered including children and grandchildren.  My granddaughter made it clear, even as we were driving home from the airport after picking her up that high on her list of things-to-do was a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo as she loves animals.

The Fort Worth “Zoo has been ranked the No. 5 zoo in the nation by USA Travel Guide, the No. 1 attraction in the DFW Metroplex by Zagat survey and a top 10 zoo or aquarium by FamilyFun magazine” (quote taken from the Fort Worth Zoo website).  There are 542 species that call the Fort Worth Zoo home to include 68 endangered species.  If you are ever in the vicinity of the DFW metroplex, a visit to the Fort Worth Zoo is time well spent.  I’ve been to the Fort Worth Zoo many times and each time I find many changes with new animals and exhibits and ongoing enhancements.  My granddaughter helped me to get back in touch with the zoo and it was a thoroughly enjoyable outing.

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The only let down of the visit was that the Great Apes were not out in their magnificent exhibit areas.  The Fort Worth zoo is the only zoo that houses

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all four of the Great Apes… gorillas, orangutans, bonobos and chimpanzees.  Oh well, a great reason to make another visit.

Of course, what is a visit to Texas without a stop at Six Flags Over Texas for their Holiday in the Park activities.  I gained wisdom years ago and made the decision to enjoy the crazy rides at Six Flags as a spectator and supporter of family member participation, after all, I can experience motion sickness merely by watching a ride let alone participating.  As a result, my son’s fiancé, Tara, and I put our fine motor skills to the test while the others risked life and limb on the roller coasters.  We were both available to provide support as the others suffered from the after effects of those wild rides.  Naturally, funnel cakes were in order and in preparation for Thanksgiving, the Texas tradition…turkey legs topped it off.

I hope you take the time to see all of the pics on the two slide shows.  This is the first time I have used the slide show format.  I know this entry sounds an awful lot like a Chamber of Commerce advertisement for the metroplex, but for me what it really represents is precious time with all of the family together.  For those of you separated from family, I hope you look for your opportunities to bring everyone together and for those who are blessed to have their family nearby, please don’t take it for granted and enjoy the moments together.  This is one of those rare entries for me while I’m at home.  This time of year is very busy for Ronda and me as we have Thanksgiving, our 43rd anniversary, my birthday and Christmas and I get to be home for all of it – Woo Hoo!  If I don’t get another entry out before the end of the year, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays can be a Zoo

  1. Nice post and glad you are able to spend time with family this Holiday Season. There is a theme though……it seems when your home it doesn’t matter if it’s a trip to the zoo with family or seeing old high school friends……your surrounded by wild animals!
    Have a Merry Christmas to you and your family brother.


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